Main products
    1. Small Complete Set of Pellet Equipment
    2. Small Complete Set of Pellet EquipmentThe small complete set of pellet equipment is moveable and specially designed for pelletizing production. The main devices include the crusher, cyclone separator, surge bin, feeder, ZLSP-300B pellet machine, vibrating screen, bag type dust collector, chassis and electric cabinet. This product can process sawdust, twigs, stalks and straws into biomass pellets.
    1. Ring Die Pellet Mill
    2. Ring Die Pellet MillThe ring die pellet mill is produced by introducing the proprietary technology from Germany Munch-Edelstahl GmbH.
      It uses the double motor strong belt driving system for steady running plus high safety and reliability.
      The gates of feeding device, conditioning unit and pelletizer are all made of stainless steel.
    1. Solvent Extractor
    2. Solvent ExtractorThe material blank is delivered to each grid of the rotor by the sealed auger. On the outer ring of the rotor is the rack. The rotor rotates around the main shaft at a low speed through the transmission system. The material blank is first injected with the relatively thick miscella to extract the oil. As the extracting unit rotates, it is given with miscella whose concentration
    1. Pneumatic Flour Mill
    2. Pneumatic Flour MillThe FMF pneumatic flour mill is a main machine in wheat processing line. It uses the pneumatic system to control rollers. The upper part is manufactured from steel material while the base bottom parts are made of cast iron. With a modular design, the feeding system can be taken out completely for easy maintenance.

Pellet Equipment Manufacturer

KMEC is a global provider of total engineering solutions. International trade and other related services are our forte. Operating out of mainland China, we have risen to prominence as a highly reputable manufacturer of complete equipment sets. Our products include the small pellet mill, complete oil mill plant, flour mill plant, and complete set of pellet equipment. Excellent sales and after-salesservices are provided for both domestic and international clientele.

Our company is officially registered as Kingman M&E Complete Plant Co., Ltd ...

  • FAQ
  • 1. What kind of material can be pelletized?
    Forestry and agro-waste material are suitable for wood pellets, including wood chips, sawdust, shell of groundnut, coffee husk, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, tea waste, wheat straw, palm husk, soybeans husk, rice husk, etc.

    2. How many systems does a complete set of pellet plant include?
    A complete set of wood pellet plant involves raw material receiving, sieving and pulverizing systems, drying system, pelletizing system, cooling system, weighing and packing system, assistant system, electric