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Oil Seed Extruder/Extruding Machine

Working Principle
The oil seed extruder works in line with the following procedures. The heat is generated through kneading plus friction between the spiral shaft and inner wall of the expanding machine. Meanwhile, the steam is injected so as to increase the flake temperature.

The cell tissue of oilseed is destroyed completely inside the expander. When extruded out of the expander, the oilseed with great pressure and high temperature will be expanded owing to sudden pressure relief. Additionally, the moisture in the oilseed is evaporated suddenly. For this reason, the material has a micro porous construction and the soybean is expanded into an irregular, loose and high intensity particles.

1. Small Type with Dry Extruding Method

1. The small oil seed extruder is suitable for expanding full fat soybean, corn, piglet, soybean meal, cotton seed meal, rice bran, etc.
2. It will make modification for the quality of raw materials and improve digestibility.
3. The feeding device is in the charge of the FC inverter so that raw materials can be uniformly fed into the extrusion chamber.
4. The screw and barrel of the oil seed extruder are optimized for longer operation life as well as reduced production costs.
5. The lengthening conditioner makes retention full and even, thus brining out good retention effect.
6. One oil expander can be applied to a great variety of materials by changing some spare parts.

Technical Specifications
Mode Screw Dimension Rotation Speed Power (Main Motor) Power (Feeder Motor) Capacity
TXP-100 Φ135 630RPM 22kW 1.5kW 250~380 kg/h
TXP-160 Φ155 600RPM 55kW 2.2kW 16~24 t/day
TXP-165 Φ205 500RPM 75kW 2.2kW 25~36 t/day
2. Large Type
Puffing Index of Oil Materials

Article Index (Low Oil Content, Material like Soybean)
Flake Thickness(mm) 0.3~0.5
Water Content Before Going to Puffing Machine (%) 10~11
Moisture Content Going Out of Puffing Machine (%) 12~14
Cake Meal Temperature After Puffing (°C) 100~110
Steam Consumption (kg/t material) 26~28
Steam Pressure(MPa) 0.6~0.8

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